New York Map

New York by your feets

Walking in New York

The best way to experience New York is by your feets. Walking in New York lets you see everything and you will discover all details that you miss if you travel in other ways. But..

New York is big. Really big.

Whether you like it or not you will have to use your feets and sooner or later they are gonna hurt.



Many sights like Empire State Builing and Statue of Liberty for example will take time to visit since there many tourists and there are many slow queues.


So even if its the best way to look around you should spare your feets when you move between different places (from you hotel to attraction, sighs, shop, restaurants etc.).


My tip is that you take with you some nice, comfortable shoes!


(In New York there are wide sidewalks and many traffic lights so it´s easy to walk almost everywhere.)