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Bus is one of the cheaper ways to get around in New York. Theres plenty of bus stops scattered around the city. On the other hand you have to know how the different routes that the buses uses and also the schedule and if theres lot of traffic eg middle of the day, by bus it is often a slow way to travel.

Bus will cost approximately $ 2 and you have to have even mone, you can´t get any change back. Theres ticketmachines and the can´t take pennies or you pay in does not take notes and not pennies.

If you get a Metro Card it will save you money if you intend to travel a lot. Tha card can also be used for both bus and metro.

Metro Card can be purchased from special vending machines, at bus and subway stations and also directly on the bus (depending on which variant you want).



There are several options where you can go as much as you like.

I you buy Fun Card or Unlimited Ride, you can use regular local buses and metro. The cars is only available in vending machines and in shops that sell cards.


Cost of bus card (the prices can have changed):


1-day costs $7,5

7-days costs $25

14-days costs $47

30 days costs $81


There is many different versions of the card wihich gives you unlimited access ti express buses for example, but for the tourist the cards mentioned above should be enough.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority MTA is responsible for the regular busses in New York but thers also other bus companys offering guided tours by bus. You will find them everywhere in the city (they are easy to find) and you have different options from 1 day tickets to a whole week.



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