New York Map

New York Subway

The Subway in New York

In New York subway is a good way to quickly get you where you want. It is open 24 hours a day even (if you might want to avoid going in the middle of the night if you are by yourself).



It costs $ 2 to travel by subway and there is also a Metro Card, which are valid for both metro and buses.


There are different variations of the Metro Card, where you get free travel for a certain time.

With the Fun Card or Unlimited Ride, you go with the regular local buses and subway. The variant of the card is only available to buy in vending machines and in shops that sell cards.

Costs for the Metro Card:


1-day costs $7,5 (Fun Card)

7-days costs $25 (Unlimited Ride Card)

14-days costs $47 (Unlimited Ride Card)

30 days costs $81 (Unlimited Ride Card)


Here you find a map over Subway in New York from Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Different variations of the MetroCard┬╗