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Taxi i New York

Taxi is the perfect way to travel in New York city. Its almost always the fastes way to go (in the middle of the day ther can be traffic jams) and it´s the safest way to get home at night.


Although New York has become a relatively safe city, it is good to avoid late night walks, and even if it is not as far to go, your feet will thank you if you take you let them rest once in a while...

Bus and subway is also a good option, cheaper but a little trickier.

There are taxis everywhere in New York and you recognize them at their yellow color. There are also a lot of black and white limousines that you can take if you want to go in an extra luxury style.

You find them outside the large hotels and restaurants especially in the evenings.

Wave your hand to get their attention. It can save you some money to choose the right side of the street where the traffic goes the same way where you are. (so the taxi don´t have turn around, it can often be a long way since many streets goes in one way).

There are many immigrants who drive taxis and you can not assume that they always know where a particular place is so It may be useful to know the address where you want to go. The American language can actually also sometimes be a problem but if you tell them the names of the street and their numbers there aren´t any trouble.

The cost begins at approximately at 2.5 $, and you may also pay the fee if you for example pass tunnels.