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Shopping Map Clothing - New York

In New York you will find the latest exclusive fashion and all major brands such as Gucci, Hugo Boss, Armani, Prada and many more. There are also several department stores like Loehmans, Macy, Century 21, the file Basement and others.

Many of them are competing with eachoter by lowering the prices. There are great opportunities to make bargains.

Do you have the time, compare between different stores before you buy anything, there can be big difference in price..

There are also a lot of indepedent stores with streetwear and stores with odd second-hand "vintage" clothes.

The upper part of the Fifth Avenue (from Central Park and down) is the best place for shopping the latest fashion and the expensive brands.

Around Times Square, you'll find a lot of stores including clothes and a lot of electronics.

Further down on Manhattan, there are also plenty of shops and Century 21 is a store that sells almost all the clothing tags and shoes etc. at a good price. But there are many more low-priced department stores scattered across Manhattan.

Would you like to go shopping really cheap, you should go to New Jersey where there are several large shopping centers. There is no tax on clothing in New Jersey (map of New Jersey comes later).

In Shopping Maps, you can go on a tour in New York to see where you can find the different stores. Click on the icons (hotspots) on the map to learn more.

If you click anywhere on the map (except on the icons and tools) you can then drag mouse to to move around.

Use the large map to see better.

The map below shows places where you can buy cloths. Tthe map is far from complete, there are hundreds of stores in New York but I will continue to add more "hotspots" for the New York shopper later.




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